The KICKS Project

The K.I.C.K.S Project

The K.I.C.K.S Project is an initiative that promotes the understanding of pertinent local issues through team building via the game of soccer. Our philosophy is that by utilizing the natural team environment that the game of soccer provides, one can create an opportunity to address local socioeconomic needs within a community.

K.I.C.K.S. was born out of the idea that soccer inherently creates a team environment; through team comes trust, through trust dialogue is possible and through dialogue change and growth may begin.

Most importantly, K.I.C.K.S aims to unite the youth of the world in a common goal: to implement essential dialogue and action in communities in need through the universal language of soccer. This natural icebreaker and lesson in teamwork paves the way for essential dialogue paramount to the survival of settlements on the brink of collapse.

In the future, The K.I.C.K.S Project plans to unite American school children with children around the world to create a common forum where kids on opposite sides of the world can exchange ideas for sustainable community works projects.